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Aero Ink Specifications
IIMAK/Aero Brand Ink
The solutions to your toughest marking problems.

Shipping Regulations for Hazardous Materials:
By Ground: 
Inks with flashpoints between 73 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit (*) are classified as hazardous by ground in 5 gallons or more.  Inks with flashpoints under 73 (**) are classified as hazardous by ground in quart or larger containers.  The UPS hazardous surcharge for ground shipments is $20.00 per package.  By  Air:  Inks with flashpoints 149 or under (* and **) are considered hazardous in any measure.  The current UPS Air Surcharge is $30.00 per package and FedEx Surcharge is $40.00, no matter what the size.  All inks described below meet these criteria.

A Certificate of Compliance is available for IIMAK/Aero Brand inks that are manufactured in accordance with military specifications.  The cost for a certificate is $15.00. A Certificate of Compliance must be ordered with the ink order.

Material Safety Data Sheets will be provided at no charge with each order of ink.  Separate requests for MSDS will incure a charge of $8.00.

We have listed the most commonly used inks.  Many other IIMAK/Aero Brand inks are availble upon request.  Please contact us for more information.  Toll free: 877-414-1010. Email: info@stuartstamp.com

#620 ink (*)
Drying time:  30-60 seconds.
Characteristics: Ink comes in vivid colors and gives excellent adhesion on treated polyethylene.
Good for marking plastic and metal parts.
Meets Gov. Spec. TT-I-16557A, Type I and is USDA approved for use on food packaging.
Application:  Natural rubber stamp with cloth covered felt pad.

#214 ink (*)
Drying time:  30-60 seconds.
Characteristics:  A waterproof ink with excellent adhesion on a wide variety of materials. 
Approved by the Department of Agriculture for use on food packaging.
Application:  Rubber stamp with cloth covered felt pad.

#214 Invisible ink (**)
Drying time:  30-60 seconds
Characteristics:  Waterproof, excellent adhesion. Highly recommended for marking electronic parts.
Applicaton:  Natural rubber stamp with opaque pad.
Color: Clear (blue under UV light)

#8300 ink (*)
Drying time:  15-30 seconds.
Characteristics: Ink stays wet in a self-inker for 2-3 weeks.  Especially good for marking glossy and coated papers and catalog covers.
Application:  Metal framed self-inking stamp.

Frozen Foods ink (*)
Drying time:  30-45 seconds.
Characteristics:  For waxed paper and metal.  Waterproof with excellent adhesion.  It will imprint through layers of moisture on frozen food packages and remain on during refrigeration.  Use of thinner/cleaner is recommended.
Application:  rubber stamp with cloth covered felt pad, Metal framed self-inker.

Aero Invisible ink (**)
"Invisible" inks are those whick cannot be seen by the naked eye but fluoresce when viewed under an ultraviolet "black" light. 
Drying time:  Instant
Characteristics: For use on skin (usually hands). Waterproof ink most commonly used for identification purposes. It remains on skin for approximately 24 hours.  Dries very quickly in a pad.
Application:  Rubber stamp with cloth covered felt pad.
Color: Clear (Blue under UV light) 

#6330 Invisible ink (**)
Inks that fluoresce when viewed under an ultraviolet "black" light. 
Drying time:  15 seconds
Surfaces: Skin, plastic, paper
Characteristics: Air dry, non-toxic, water based.  The imprint becomes brighter after contact with water. Stays moist in a pad longer than the standard invisible ink.
Application:  Rubber stamp with cloth covered felt pad.
Color: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.   Note: Because of whiteners used in the manufacture of certain papers, the color blue may not show because the paper itself will fluoresce.

Thinners / Cleaners (* or **)
These thinners are formulated with the same solvent systems used in the inks.
Each individual ink has its own thinner.  Thinners are applied to a stamp pad to rejuvenate it or may be used to clean stamps.  Thinners can also be mixed with inks to speed up drying time.